Whimsical art for girls of all ages....

Tiffanie Seiler is a self taught artist, author, art teacher and inspirationist. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and currently resides in Palm Harbor, Florida. Her art has been collected all over the United States and abroad. Her whimsical and vibrant art has been featured on the covers of numerous national publications, including Natural Awakenings healthy living and Somerset Studio mixed media magazine. Her effervescent and spirited "little girls" have been licensed by Penny Lane publishing, where they have been featured in collaborations with Trader Joes, Zulily and Crown Greetings. Her most recent project includes designing the “Yoga Pants” blush rose wine label for Twin Rivers winery. 
Tiffanie wants to encourage her art students to let go of fears and anxiety when faced with a blank canvas, we all have a creative being inside of us. She wants to motivate others to use spontaneous expression with paint and paper to hopefully feel the joy she has found through her art. 

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